O’Brien Wedding

September 29, 2018

Bride and Groom: Benita and Rob

Dress: The Bride wore an amazing gold align sequin dress

Venue: Yabbaloumba Retreat in Cambroon (outside of Kenilworth)

Theme: Country mixed with Hollywood Glamour.

Flowers: Benita and Rob chose such a beautiful venue to get married. The ceremony and reception where both help on the retreat. We set up an archway display on the property for the ceremony. The archway has a gorgeous corner spray and a separate spray of flowers on the adjacent post. This flowers matched the rest of the wedding flowers on the day.

The reception was held in a barn on the same property. The barn was lined with beautiful long wooden tables, dressed is gold sequined table runners. The glamorous gold on the raw timber was an amazing and very effective contrast. We matched the bride’s bouquet of deep pinks, mahogany, ivory and rich greens, with the centrepieces. These colours bright the room to life. The rustic barn came alive with the Hollywood Glam touches.

My favourite flower of the day was the gorgeous peonies. This is a flower that keeps on giving. It starts out as an under-whelming bud and just opens up every day into an amazing lush flower. Peonies come in great colours such as soft pinks, whites, hot pinks and deep reds. Their natural season starts in November and depending on the season, can stretch out to January. Benita’s Peonies came from France, as her wedding was in the off-season.

I absolutely love trying new venues outside of Brisbane and thoroughly enjoyed my day doing the O’Brien wedding flowers. To end the day, I stopped off at the Kenilworth bakery and has one of their famous pastries…. ok a few of their famous pastries.;)

Kristen xx

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